Oxford Blue and Burnt Umber.


I have on a Mod Gap dress, that adds a vintage look, I was able to find it at goodwill for $5. I really enjoy this dress because the color is solid, and it can be paired with almost anything. That’s something that you should always look out for, solid color dresses, preferably darker tones, or nude.
I found this beautiful Gucci scarf at a yard-sale, in a bin full of scarves(that’s why you should always dig around, don’t be shy!) I paired it with the Navy dress, to embellish, give it print, and add a smooth texture to the complete outfit.
The rust brown tights I managed to scavenge from JCPenny, I got them on-sale for $5. They are actually from last winter, but they are amazing, and haven’t wore out yet. My two-toned Gianni Bini combat boots I got on sale a while back at Dillard’s, for $26. I know Dillard’s always sounds very expensive, but they have some amazing sales if you know when. I’m willing to spend a little extra on a quality brand, if it’s on sale for a good price.
Photo by:Tyler Culpepper

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