Today’s outfit. 1/16/13

Today's outfit. 1/16/13

I have on mainly black and white, with a slight pop of cobalt blue. The skirt I’m wearing I found at forever 21, I usually don’t buy from there due to the lack of quality, but I enjoy a little black and white in my wardrobe, not to mention it was on the clearance rack for $7.
I loved the straight lines that brought definition into my outfit. When you do black and white, you should stick to one color to pop. That way you have one main focal point with the entire ensemble. So, suggesting on what you feel is your strong point, or your favorite piece, I would make that the center of your complete outfit.
My black cashmere sweater I found at a yard-sale, I was able to get it for $4. Sweaters always add a relaxed feel to your outfit, and make it less dressy. I added a bow necklace, that brought in the white colors that outline my skirt and hat. I got this necklace awhile ago from Aerie for $13, they have really good quality jewelry though, so it’s worth the price if you really like a piece from there.
For my pop of color I used my tights to bring it all together. I bought them on clearance at Dillard’s for $4. One of my favorite things is the black leather-ed Ralph Lauren boots, from DSW. I found them on clearance a couple of days ago, for $34.
One of the best thrift stores to buy from is called “My Favorite Thrift Store”, that’s where I got the white Jessica Simpson coat, for $12. If you have any questions, I would enjoy answering them. 😀

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