Today’s outfit. 1/21/2013

Going nude.Today's outfit. 1/21/2013

I’ve always loved feeling relaxed, and still having a unique look without seeming like I don’t care. I went more casual today to sit and have coffee. The nude shade dress I got at good will for $5 ,and like I said in my previous post, solid color dresses are something you should always be on the look out for. I actually got the rosewood velvet jacket from a friend, she got it at Johnny Was website. I really adore the rosewood color of the jacket, because the dark tone stands out against the nude color of the rest of my ensemble.

My nude polka-dot tights are from Kmart, I managed to get them for 2 pair for $5. The nude colors of my outfit have many patterns, and textures that make it so it doesn’t  rush together, textures help separate, and contrast pieces. The smooth velvet helps make the rough spandex texture of the dress to look more soft. The brown ankle boots I have on I got from Kohl’s on sale for $15. The Fossil watch my brother actually got me for Christmas, but  any watch that has a thin brown or thick leather-ed strap is good to mix with an outfit like this. If you have any questions, I’d love to answer! 🙂

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