Today’s Outfit. 1/22/2013

Today's Outfit. 1/22/2013

This chartreuse green Chelsea and Violet dress caught my eye recently as I was scavenging through a garage sale. One of the important traits you should realize as a yard sale’er, is haggling. I was able to gather up a couple of other dresses for a total of $9.
The halterneck of this garment is really captivating, with the black beading creating a downward pyramid, and enabled me to not have to wear a necklace. The black nylon cardigan I found at goodwill for $3. Cardigans can easily look cheesy, that’s why finding a cardigan that’s not to baggy, and fits well to you is important. The tight fitting cardigan helped make my full skirted dress not look so broad.
I got these midnight black tights at Target clearance recently, the best time to buy tights is after the holiday sales. The black Ralph Lauren boots from DSW are also in a previous post, but I’ve gotten attached to them.

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