Today’s Outfit! 2/1/2013

Today's Outfit! 2/1/2013

I always find inspiration for outfits from random things, whether it’s a movie, or the mood I’m in, It usually dictates what I wear.
I have on a scarlet red Chelsea and Violet dress, I found a while back on clearance at Dillard’s, for $13.00. Chelsea and Violet have some beautiful designs. I always end up watching something I really adore, until it’s on clearance, because regular price I can’t afford. The fabric-lines on the dress allowed me to have a thinner waist line, and the belt help draw out the beautiful red color, and add a nice vintage print. I got the belt(which is actually a scarf) from a estate sale, for 50 cents.
Something I always take use in, is my cream button down blouse, I bought at a yard-sale for 1.00. I decided to use a layering technique, that also allows me to wear this dress for colder days.
I have on brown to complement the bright red, and cream combination. The leather shoulder-clutch I found at a yard-sale for 5.00. Most of my jewelry I mention in other posts, except the belt bracelet I found at a estate sale for 25 cents.
Even in wardrobe you can be inspired by little things, for deciding on what you’re going to wear. It’s part of your daily process, and making it fun is always a plus! 🙂

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