Today’s outfit. 2/6/2013

Today's outfit. 2/6/2013

Since the weather is still cold, I opted to keep it a little more conservative. But, I always enjoy pairing a girly lace, with a casual style blazer, that way it adds a less dressy feeling.
The white lace, and black bowed dress made my outfit look more fun and girly. I was able to find it at Goodwill for $5. I got this dress awhile ago, but I’ve been finding some really good dresses there lately. So, if you ever go to a thrift store, and you don’t find anything, try going regularly, because you’ll end up finding something sooner or later.
Texture, and print is a big part of an outfit, I decided to pair the white lace with a cotton, polyester stripped blazer. Since the dress print is settle, I put it with the horizontal stripes on the jacket, which paired well with the lined belt. The blazer I got 70% off clearance recently at Target, for $14.00.
The black-leather vintage bag I got from a yard sale awhile back, for $7.00. My white chain bracelet is from a yard-sale, for $1.00. The Butterfly bangle is from and estate-sale, I got it in a bag full of jewelry for $3.00. The vintage-60’s flower necklace I got at an estate sale, with a bunch (around 6) of other pieces, which totaled to $8.00.
My D&G sunglasses are actually a present my family got me for graduation. I hope you enjoyed today’s outfit. Let me know what you think! 🙂

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