Valentines-day outfit!

Valentines-day outfit!

Since Valentines day is coming up, I thought it was appropriate to do a romantic, fun outfit. The little black dress is something that every girl can wear and feel sexy. I went more simplistic, because I enjoyed the subtle hint of red from the dress, so I paired it with bright red lipstick. This gave me a more flirty and fun look. Sometimes it’s hard picking what to wear, and if you end up picking something that you aren’t sure of, it can make you feel uncomfortable the whole night. That’s why a simple black dress is always a go-to thing. Having fun is important, but feeling sexy and comfy is too! I hope you have a great Valentines-day! 🙂

Black vintage dress;Goodwill;$5
Black Anne Taylor Heels; Goodwill;$4
Velvet/leather Maroon purse; Yard sale; $6
Flower Bracelet; Estate Sale; $3
Black faux fur jacket; Khol’s Clearance; $13
Betsey Johnson Sunglasses; Burlington Coat Factory;$7

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