Downtown Lavender

Downtown Lavender

I figured I’d take advantage of the beautiful weather, and this amazing Louis Feraud dress I recently found. I was so excited to realize how much some of his items online sell for, since I was able to find one of his beautiful pieces at Goodwill for cheap. I really wanted the dress to be the focal point. The peplum at the waist offsets a business style, and gives the dress a more fun and flirty look. I paired it with a lavender purse to accent a spring color. I was so happy with how amazing the weather ended up. Lets hope it stays like this for the rest of the month! 🙂

Vintage Louis Feraud dress;Goodwill;$4.00
Black Anne Taylor heels;Goodwill;$4.00
Lavender purple purse;Target;$7.00
Sterling silver cat ring;My favorite Thrift Store; $10.00
Bestsey Johnson sunglasses; Burlington Coat factory;$7.00

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