San Diego

San Diego

I made it to California on the 22nd, so I’ve been pretty busy. Today I was able to drive to San Diego, and walked around the little shops in Old Town(That’s the actual name of it) Since it’s still breezy here, I decided to wear a beach stripped sweater, that way I could roll up the sleeves, and still be comfy. While I was shopping around I found these beautiful leather flower bracelets that I have on in one of the photos. I chose the clean nautical look, because it’s comfy for a long day of walking, and has a clean look for the overall outfit.

Starfish earrings; yard-sale; $1
Tommy Hilfiger sandals; TJ Max; $27
Stripped Nautical sweater; Yard-sale; $2
White shorts; Goodwill; $3
Flower bracelet; San Diego Shop; $8.50
Gucci Scarf;Yard-sale;Found in a bin full of scarves(Didn’t realize it was Gucci until later..since I bought a bundle of scarves.)

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