Venice beach

Venice beach

Venice beach (if you’re unfamiliar with it) is an experience that most would consider an “urban charm.” It has a lot of eye-catching shops with cheap, eclectic, beach-styled items. Every time I think of beach wear, I think of something functional, airy, and earthy.

The breeze off of the ocean is so refreshing, I couldn’t help but bring my vintage lace cover-up. This is one of my favorite pieces I got while yard-sale’ing with my mom last year. Lace is a perfect garnish to add to any summer item. I recommend searching for vintage lace items at second hand shops or yard sales, because the quality and price are so much better in comparison to the cheap material that current retailers are selling. I paired it with lace shorts to keep the colors and fabrics more girly and beachy.

The Gap bikini I wore gave the outfit a brighter color and added a vintage 70’s touch.

Neon Bikini; Gap clearance sale(Last summer, in Texas); $10-for the set
Vintage lace cover-up; Yard-sale; $5
Sandals; American eagle(I got these a long time ago); $20
Lace Shorts; Target Clearance; $14
Shell necklace; yard-sale; 50 cents

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