On the road

On the road

Hey everyone! I’m still getting used to my new work schedule, so it’s been harder to find days to post. I’m going to keep posting as much as a can– for the time being, I’m just getting used to working around everything.

I’m trying to take in some of the Arkansas scenery this summer, and I thought this wide open field would provide just the right contrast to the urban glamour of this outfit. The conservative black and white is offset by a more modern top that cinches my waist. My jewelry is heavier with this outfit, and studded with fake diamonds. The whole ensemble reminds me of the silver screen days of Hollywood. Stopping in this big green field, so different from the bustling city, made me think of those hopeful girls who have streamed to the west coast for decades from little towns and farming communities. Not all of us can afford to live like starlets, but we all love to day dream.

Prabal Gurung Shirt; Target clearance; $6
Vintage white wrap skirt; Yard-sale; $3
Black leather purse; From Ms.Lee(Thank you so much by the way. I LOVE it!)
White jeweled necklace; Versona; My mom found them on clearance for 2 dollars. (I definitely got my bargaining skills from her!! <3)


  1. Your outfit composition is perfectly elegant for a Summer season – and loved these joyful photographs 😉

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