Maroon Afternoon :)

Maroon Afternoon :)

One of my hobbies is going to see the new exhibits at the Arkansas Arts Center here in Little Rock. The pieces today included Bauhaus architecture photography, drawings by Van Dyke and Rembrandt, and another artist who reminded me of Georges-Pierre Seurat, who is one of my favorite artists. The balance of colors and careful use of space in Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon makes me wonder how the artist’s mind works. I’m amazed at Seurat’s ability to translate a series of colorful dots into a unified, beautiful image.

Whenever I see current fashion trends, I notice that accessories tend toward vibrant color. I like to make use of the traditional brown and black when I can. I paired my cream and yellow outfit with a maroon hat and purse. My accessories popped out, but still have the outfit a good color balance.

Maroon leather purse; Yardsale; $6
Maroon Hat; Target; borrowing it from my sister:)
Vintage skirt; Goodwill; $4
Nude CalvinKlein heels; DSW; $15
Cream blouse; yardsale; $1


  1. Once again, you did a beautiful photo essay! We can notice on it beauty and personal expressivity: the infallible binomial of the great feminine photography 😉
    I imagine the exhibition you visited is a really great one. By the way, Bauhaus’ concepts and principles are my greatest academic references in design…
    All the best!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment!
      What elements of Bauhaus design do you find the most appealing? I like the degree to which the movement influenced American Art Deco style, though I particularly like a combination of Art Deco and Art Nouveau. I believe that comes out in my work.

      1. You are welcome! And thank you for asking about the school of Bauhaus – this is a subject that I like very much 😉 I had the opportunity to learn about them within an academic methodology that followed their teachings – as happened in the pre-WWII Germany – aiming the application of them in product design, architecture and visual communication, namely as examples: 1) Establishing a consistent and rational Design teaching methodology; 2) The study of the form and function and their direct relationship to humans and their lives; 3) The offering of a practical conceptual basis for the creation and expression of a new Design plasticity (which, in turn, allowed its revisitation, adaptation and continuity of such concepts over time, inside and outside Europe).

        Personally speaking, I do also love Art Deco and Nouveau – their roots are complex and rich and their period of full development was contemporary to those minds who made the Bauhaus school to exist 😉

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