Business Casual







 Black accessories can add a luxurious look to any outfit. I wanted a business casual look that was still fun and not overly severe. I stuck to some very high pumps to add some sleekness to the overall ensemble.  Whenever I put together a business casual outfit I try to avoid making everything completely uniform. Adding an eye-catching accessory is a good way to express yourself whenever you want to add some extra flair at work or just on a walk downtown.

Cream blazer; Yard-sale; $2

White tank; T.J. Maxx; $8

Black Ann Taylor slacks; Yard-sale; 4$(I bought a whole Ann Taylor suit)

Jessica Simpson pumps; Savers; $6

Black hat; Yard-sale; $1


1 Comment

  1. Hello! Lovely and very well done outfit composition! And you have a really beautiful photographic expression 🙂

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