Alluring Darkness





Halloween is just around the corner, so I would be remiss in my fashion duties if I didn’t do a post for the season. I can’t help but to be drawn in by the alluring darkness of Halloween. For this post, I went for a gothic look. I plan to do a couple of costume posts over the next week. Hopefully one of them will inspire you with a costume idea. There are so many types of costumes to go for. I prefer the more detailed ones, and I always seem to find great pieces for them at yard sales and thrift stores. I tend to avoid the more risqué costumes, partly because I hate getting to a party and discovering that someone else is wearing the same thing!

Anyone can buy a costume; I think it’s far more interesting to create your own. I’m not a talented seamstress, but I know how to put pieces together to create something unique.


Photography  by: Derek Carttar

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