Roaring Twenties



Can you believe that the flapper style was once considered wild, unrefined, and brazen? It’s funny how these things change – the style is pretty conservative compared to today’s standards. These young women were just trying to break the mold of their own time, as every new generation does. The word “flapper” even refers to a young bird flapping its wings, learning to fly.

I love looking back into bygone eras for inspiration. I found this dress at a yard sale a couple of years ago, but I never had the chance to wear it until now. Once I saw this headband on Zara I knew I couldn’t stop myself! Have a happy Halloween and stay safe!

Headband: Zara – $20

Red beaded gown: Yard sale – $10

Necklace: Dillard’s sale – $13


Photography by: Derek Carttar


  1. oh by the way, I meant to ask you how you did your hair. I have found that it was so much harder than I thought (doing the hairstyle) even though I have naturally curly hair. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

    1. My mom did my hair actually! She’s really good at it so
      I love having her do it! We didn’t actually curl my hair( only the bottom pieces we curls under and bobby pinned it) the top part we moosed and used pins for the curls.. This video has a great tutorial:

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