Beauty and poise











I always get inspired before I put an outfit together. This time my inspiration came from Audrey Hepburn, who has always been a symbol of class. I usually have a simple idea and use what I have in my wardrobe already before spending extra money. I’m frequently tempted to buy new pieces, but I enjoy the challenge that comes with putting together the pieces I already own to make a new outfit. Anyone can buy something new!


I’ve been low on money lately, so even though I’m still making yard sale trips, I won’t have much to spend on any new items until after Christmas. Most likely my outfits will come from articles I already have. I know it seems like I spend a lot on clothes, but in reality I rarely splurge – I buy items that I’ve been eyeing for a bit, that I know I can pair with a lot of other things, and hopefully for far less than the price I see them for originally. Patience is key for the savvy spender. No matter how much money you have, you can be a smart, fashionable shopper.



   I hope you all have a good week!

      XOXO, Christin


Black skirt: Yard-sale- $2

Vintage Trench: A gift from my friend Thomas

Phillip Lim top: Target clearance 75% off (Yes,  I’m absolutely obsessed with his collection.. I’m pretty sure every girl wanted all of it)

Vintage purse: Estate sale-$3

Belt and brooch: Leather belt from yard sale for 50 cents-  brooch was my grandmas 


Photography by: Derek Carttar

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