Eureka Springs









I went to Eureka Springs for the weekend and got to enjoy the art and neat little shops. I ended up bringing a few different outfits for this post, and since I never went there I pictured it differently than what it turned out to be. I originally went for a more contemporary look that I had planned on, but the overall feel of the background with the foreground felt out of place, so I went for a simpler look. I’ve wanted to use this leather jacket in a post anyways, so I figured it was a good opportunity.


Chelsea and Violet leather jacket: Dillard’s sale- $35

Maroon turtle neck: Yard sale – $2

Vintage leather gloves: Estate sale- $4

Photography by: Derek Carttar


    1. Thanks! Yeah, it’s always hard to find an actual nice leather jacket for cheap. You should check out the sales on January 1st, that’s when I got mine. Dillard’s has the best sale that day with an extra 40% off clearance.

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