Snowed in






I just got moved into my new house. I still have some unpacked boxes, but I was able to decorate my Christmas tree this week just in time to get snowed in. We weren’t able to drive to a photo locale, so we took advantage of the thin spreading of snow over ice in the back yard.

My thought when it comes to bundling up in the cold is baggy layers. I like to wear guy’s shirts over leggings during the winter.  This keeps me warm and comfy when I play around in the snow, but also lends a sultry natural look. 

Columbia plaid shirt: Goodwill- $4

Anne Taylor Leggings: My favorite thrift store- $6

Brown New York & Co scarf: Yard sale- $2

Sam & Libby riding boots: Target sale- $12.50


Photography by: Derek Carttar 


  1. I absolutely love this look! It is one of my favorite fall/winter outfits, too, and a style I love to throw on for rainy days (we don’t get snow where I live)!! Also, I just have to say, I think this might be my favorite look I’ve seen on you!! 🙂

  2. You are stunning! I adore your style, and these pictures are absolutely beautiful!

    Justine from

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