Covered in snow











I was out thrifting in northern Arkansas when it started to snow, and I thought it was the perfect time to take pictures!  🙂


I usually don’t like camo very much, but there’s a tough sort of look it can give an outfit when you pair it in interesting ways. I found the top at Target a while back, and the floral pattern made it stick out from the other camoflauge looks.

I’ve seen a lot of beanies with embellishments on them, and I figured I could match it better by adding an interesting brooch. It changes the beanie look completely. If you’re ever at a yard sale or thrift store and see a brooch that you like but have no clue what to do with it to make it more current, you can always use the beanie to add a more contemporary feel. 


Micheal Kors jeans: Dillard’s Sale: $20 

Camo print top: Target clearance: $4

Guess coat: DIllard’s sale: $30 (I got this coat a couple years ago)

Brooch:  My Grandma’s  (But I find a lot of amazing brooches at estate-sales!)

Vince Camuto V necklace: Dillard’s sale: $5



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