Fifties Flair










Ever since Memphis I feel like I’ve gotten a little bit of a 50’s trend going on.

 I wanted to go for a contemporary greaser look, and add a little more of the current trends. I slicked back the sides of my hair and teased the top. It looked a little more dramatic in person. It was super easy to do as well, and completely changed my overall look.

 I just recently got some midi rings, I originally got mine from forever21 but the color started fading pretty badly, so I ended up ordering some sterling silver ones from an Etsy shop.  I love the idea of adding layers, cause it can really add depth to an outfit, and the midi rings really do more than I thought with that.  

Sterling Midi rings: Etsy (TinyBox12) : $15

Black blouse: Yard sale: $2

Sunglasses: Target clearance: $5

Audrey Brooke Heels: DSW sale: $32

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