Striped Satin







I went to Anthropologie a couple weeks ago. I always feel like I’m not supposed to be in there every time I see how expensive everything is. But for some reason it’s like once I got to the clearance section I could breathe. I found this amazing striped dress. I’m typically not a fan of sequins, but the skirt sold me. I found a couple of other items as well, but this dress had quality I knew I couldn’t find elsewhere.

I was so excited to wear it that I neglected to check the weather like I usually do before the shoot. It ended up pouring rain, but fortunately you can’t tell how bad the weather was in the pictures.

I paired the satin bow shoes with the dress for a fun look and to keep the material the same, since leather would have detracted from the softness of the dress.

Stripe dress: Anthropologie clearance: $37

Bow heels: Goodwill: $4


Photography By: Derek Carttar

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