A Day at Crystal Bridges


Maxfield Parrish – The Lantern Bearers (1908)


Robert Henri – Jessica Penn in Black with White Plumes (1908)


Norman Rockwell – Rosie the Riveter (1943)


                             Pablo Picasso- The Architects Table(1912)                  Georgia O’Keeffe – Radiator Building- Night, New York (1927)


Josef Albers- Homage to the square: Joy (1964)



Adolph Gottlieb- Trinity (1962)


Andy Warhol- Coca-Cola (1962)



Roy Lichtenstein – Standing Explosion (1966)


Joan Miro- Figures and Star (1949)                                                Henri Matisse- Woman with a Veil(1927)




I spent my day off at the Crystal Bridges Art Museum in Bentonville! It’s crazy to think that Arkansas could house some of the most well-known art pieces in the world. I saw that the Paley collection was advertised as having Matisse and Picasso, but I went expecting to see just a couple of pieces. The first that really stood out to me was the Maxfield Parrish painting. It seemed to be illuminating the room. The security guard told me that Norman Rockwell, who was a devoted fan of Parrish, was fascinated with the coloration of this piece in particular. He later created a piece that reflected the exact shade of blue used in the background of “The Lantern Bearers.” The Modern Art section of the museum’s permanent collection housed the Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein pieces was exciting! The pieces were all so well-lit and meticulously placed that it made it hard to leave the space. Being able to see a Joan Miro in person was a sublime experience for me. I remember re-creating some of his pieces when I was in school. The process gave me a greater respect for surrealism, and for the organization, balance, and depth of Miro’s art. Just this small piece was nearly overwhelming for me. I look forward to being able to see more of his work in person.

I found my shirt at Goodwill. I love the vintage print, reminiscent of Keith Haring’s art in the 80’s. I wore a breezy knit beanie to add a touch of color and make the outfit look a little slouchy.

Cobalt blue beanie – Earthbound – $14

Vintage top – Goodwill – $3.50

Photography by Derek Carttar and Christin Mullens

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