Emerald Green








All this talk about fall styles has me so excited! Sadly, here in Arkansas it’s so humid. Hopefully it’ll get cooler sooner rather than later.

My dress is actually a piece I got from a garage sale. When I first picked it up, I thought it was a jump suit and I was kind of iffy about whether I liked the pattern. But when I asked how much it was, the lady told me it was 25 cents! Okay, there are times when I’d rather think about pieces after the yard sale, especially since you can’t just try it on there. Since the price was right I ended up taking it home. This was one of the pieces that fit me to a T, and once I saw the fit was a forties style I was so excited! Never leave a piece that you are thinking about until you ask about it. The people running the sale are more than likely just trying to get rid of it and you could get it for super cheap.

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