Falling for Autumn: Fashion tips for the season

318Some of the must-haves for fall, and how to find the best pieces! 🙂


A great sweater is obviously a must-have!  I was able to find this vintage one at Goodwill along with the shoes. Whenever you’re salvaging for a find, especially at Goodwill, remember a color that you’re really wanting so you can eliminate the rest of the choices. I know my Goodwill is huge and I always stick with the yellows and oranges during this time of year.


The most fabulous pair of boots! I didn’t get these at a thrift store though. I actually got them at Boohoo.com. I’m a big online shopper, but I usually just like to add all the items I want to my shopping cart, then press Exit. This time, though, I felt like my purchase was necessary.






I found these loafers at Goodwill as well.. I felt like the look was so much more unique than regular loafers I see. 🙂


Seriously though, I’ve been looking for a trench that was about this cut, because:
1. I can wear it over a cute dress with some heels in the fall…which equals LEGS.
2. If it’s a nice quality, I can be lazy and just throw it over whatever I want without looking bad.
3. It’s an essential fall piece! Seriously, it’s a girls best friend when the cut is right for your shape.

I got this one at Goodwill, but I had been looking for one all over online. It’s hard to find a trenchcoat when you don’t want to spend $90 on a super cute Zara Trench.
I’ll keep looking if anyone is interested in a similar one, though.
Sorry for the awkward hands;  I apparently can’t stand still very well, but I loved this light blue Gap trench. It’s going to be a staple piece for my fall outfits!


One of the best things about thrifting and shopping cheap is all the men’s shirts you find along the way. I found a bunch of plaid Ralph Lauren men’s shirts at a yard sale for $1 a piece. Some tight jeans, pointed heels, and a men’s shirt is so easily paired with a feminine pea coat or fall coat. Cheap and easy!




Headscarves are so much fun. Seriously, it’s something that is so versatile.. Keep in mind while you’re shopping: “Is this something that I can make multiple uses of?”

I hope everyone is enjoying this change in season as much as I am!

Let me know if you have any little tips for me as well! 🙂

Have a great day!


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