Hello November!









Hello hello!
It has sadly been a while since I’ve posted. I could come up with an excuse as to why I haven’t, but I won’t.

So for the past week and a half here’s all that has happened:
1. I moved into a new house!
2. I’ve struggled with the idea of letting days pass by without posting, not realizing that working, moving, and all the things in between have been distracting me from my passion. I think that’s an issue with most people, though. Life goes on!
3. I started a yard sale box! This is pretty awesome to me, because I’m an avid visitor of yard sales, so why not have one of my own? I know you’re usually supposed to have one BEFORE you move to your new place, but it didn’t work out that way.
4. I’ve been on a cooking frenzy! I’m usually not that into it – I go for my usual breakfast bar and a water before I run to work. Lately, though, I’ve actually started really cooking! if you know of any awesome recipes, I’m dying to try a few! I’m a beginner, so nothing too complicated, please.

The Arkansas weather has wavered between hot and breezy and super cold. I wanted to wear a long sweater with my overalls but it got a little hot, so I stayed with a cashmere top that was just right, temperature-wise. This is one thing I can find at almost any thrift store.
Patterned flats are a great piece. Leopard print isn’t usually my thing, but I loved these Levity flats when I saw them at DSW. I’ve been wearing them all the time with simple black pants, dress, or a blazer. Simple. Cute. Stylized!

Anyway, I hope everyone has enjoyed the beginning of November! I’m going to be posting more frequently like I used to. ❤

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