Hey there! I’ve been working and decorating my room a bit. I will try to take pictures of the finished product! But I’ve yet to even paint! Haha.

So I know one of the more expensive pieces to buy during the winter is boots. Since there are all types of styles it’s hard to decide which pair to splurge on. I’ve come to a consensus and decided this year I wasn’t going to replenish my comfy riding boots that I love so much. I bought from Sam & Libby brand boots from Target last year, but I’d prefer to spend more money on boots that will last longer. I actually got these leather ones at a rummage sale in August. It’s a once-a-year sale and it’s AMAZING. I bought these for $5 and didn’t even think to look on the inside because they had practically no wear..

Later on I ended up realizing I scored a pair of Bally boots! I was absolutely thrilled because I thought they were just some random brand. Sometimes the best finds are ones you never realized you got. .

I hope everyone has a great Friday! 🙂

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