Oklahoma City


I really loved being able to do pictures in another city again. Oklahoma City has a flat landscape but really interesting architecture. I wanted to showcase that in my pictures as well as my outfit. I really enjoy the nude color tops, especially paired with a tight pencil skirt. It’s sexy but not over the top. It’s classic. I paired this outfit based on shades of blue, the nude as the neutral and to add some simple pattern I wore the ascot. The richness of the navy blue velvet really pulled it all together and added a contrast with all of my light pieces.

Nude top – Goodwill : $3.50

Ralph Lauren Velvet skirt – Goodwill : $5.00

Blue peacoat – Given to me by a really sweet co- worker!

Loafers – Forever21 – $5

Calvin Klein Ascot – Thrifted : $1 (These kind of scarves are so easy to find if you ever thrift, so just dig through the scarf bucket at your local goodwill or thrift store.)

Photography by: Derek Carttar


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