Retro Gold

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It’s hard not to look at this outfit and see the belt right away. I wanted that to be a focal point and keep everything else really casual. I found it while on one of my thrifting outings in Little Rock.

I’m not sure if any of you have ever been to Roy Dudley’s Estate Sales over off Rebsamen Park but it’s one of the many I frequent. I know it’s hard to find thrifting places sometimes but if you live in the area I can always list out place if you’re interested.

Anyways.. Back to my outfit! Besides the awesome belt I found I thrifted this leather black skirt from Goodwill – I will always love leather pieces cause they’re classic and can be a great staple piece in anyone wardrobe (or faux leather pieces)

I wanted this outfit to be all about texture and bring attention to my statement belt. Instead of pattern I added a jean top to bring out the warmness of the gold and leather in the belt. Sometimes less pattern isn’t a bad thing if you think of your outfit in textures and shades.

I was inspired by a Versace ad I saw awhile ago that had a belt similar. Now obviously I wasn’t going to wear exactly what I saw in the ad but It’s always nice to have inspiration. I like to always think of the overall feel if I get inspired by an outfit instead of directly copying it – that way you make it your very own.

I hope you have a great week – If there’s any great inspirational pictures out there I’d love to see some maybe for future outfit ideas.



List of items:

Retro Gold Belt – Roy Dudley’s Estate Sale – $7

Vintage Black Leather Skirt – Good Will – $3.50

Gap top – Yard Sale – $1

Photography by: Derek Carttar (He did such an amazing job! Thank you!!)


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