Chiffon in Chicago








One of my style inspirations has always been Ann Reinking’s wardrobe in Annie(1982). It had such a romantic feel that is so classic. I wanted to take an older style and update it. That’s the thing about inspirations – you can take what’s the most you and run with it. Now let me state by saying I would wear everything she wore in that movie in a heart beat. This yellow dress always seemed kinda dreamy to me. So my inspiration came from Chiffon – It’s a sheer fabric with movement.

I decided to pair my chiffon top and scarf with a darker suede skirt and heels to offset the softness. I always love to hear about what inspires people – even if they are the tiniest detail of something. What’s your inspiration?

Item List:

Sheer Top: Goodwill : $3.50

Vintage scarf: Estate Sale : $.50

Skirt: Goodwill : $4

Photography by: Derek Carttar



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