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We planned out this shoot while walking around the day before. It’s always fun to location scout in new areas because it makes you think of all the types of outfits you could pair with the scenery.

We rode the subway back and forth from changing outfits to our shoot locations, which was a little hectic but fun. I’m always up for adventure and this was one I will hold onto.

I found this dress a while back at an estate sale. It’s another piece I’ve always had in my closet but never found a setting for. I guess that comes with the obsession of clothes – especially vintage pieces. Once you see it, you probably won’t see it a second time. “Just buy it!” I usually tell myself. In this instance it was meant to be… I love black and white but the pattern is just.. AH. I wanted to play up the pattern and decided to use the accessories to do so. Accessories don’t have to be outrageous – sometimes just keeping it simple with the colors will add an overall effect that polishes your look.


After this shoot we headed to this awesome Jazz Bar called “The Green Mill”  with one of our friends named Bri that just moved to Chicago for Grad School.

One last shot on the way to the subway!

Item List:

Dress: Estate Sale: Shop Similar 

Hat: Target: Shop Similar 

Sunglasses: Gifted: Shop Similar

Photography by: Derek Carttar

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