About Me

Hi, I’m Christin! ❤


I’ve been going to estate sales and yard sales since I was six. My mom and I would wake up early in the morning and grab some coffee so we could stay awake before we found some great deals and met some interesting people.

Because I didn’t have a lot of money growing up, I learned to make do with what I had – and I found out that at yard sales,
a dollar went a long way. I started finding some great clothes and I learned how to pair them. I have my own style now,
And you can’t even tell that I buy clothes on discount or from various sales around town!
When I started looking at other fashion blogs, I realized that a lot of the items were overpriced for the average woman.
I want to offer an alternative – a way to create unique outfits without blowing your budget.
You can find much better deals if you just search.
Let your inner treasure hunter come out!
We don’t all have the opportunity or the money to buy Dior off the rack. That’s why it can be so much fun to find these items
for a few bucks!

Keep in mind, too, that all of the clothes you buy at an estate sale or a yard sale have a story -just talk to the
people who are there. You might find that that blouse you had your eye on was last worn in 1976.
These clothes have so much more character than the ones you’ll find right off the rack. It gives you an interesting perspective
when it comes to assimilating all of the previous eras to create a contemporary style!

I hope you find some novel ideas here. I am passionate about fashion, and I am dedicated to cultivating my own style without
spending too much money.


  1. Hello! Thank you for liking my post! You have a very beautiful blog – loved your photos and I realize you have a wonderful personal taste! 😉
    All the best!

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