Sporty Chic

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 I wanted to put my own twist on the more current “athleisure” wear, creating a more uniformed outfit to keep in touch with typical sports attire,  while still playing up on the more feminine qualities. Since the skirt is so heavy and pleated, I paired it with a more tight breezy crop top.

Skirt: Kathy’s : $1

Top: Calvin Klein:

Jacket: Forever 21:

Earrings: Bauble Bar

Photography: Derek Carttar 

Painted Floral









I’ve been madly thrifting and collecting new pieces. I found this dress and handbag while at an estate sale in Little Rock. The lady who owned it had a fabulous collection and impeccable taste. I even found some furniture pieces while I was there.

Here’s one of the other pieces I found at the same sale.. I love the back detail of the chair. I’m thinking If I can get a beautiful velvet to pull some color out of the back I can fix up the seat with it. I’m not sure the age of the chair or anything so if anyone knows I’d love to hear what the age is. P.s…sorry for the messy room.. I just snapped this picture really quick.

Have a great week! 🙂

❤ Christin

Item List –

Dress: $2


Chair: $35

Photography by: Derek Carttar

Minimal Mood

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We planned out this shoot while walking around the day before. It’s always fun to location scout in new areas because it makes you think of all the types of outfits you could pair with the scenery.

We rode the subway back and forth from changing outfits to our shoot locations, which was a little hectic but fun. I’m always up for adventure and this was one I will hold onto.

I found this dress a while back at an estate sale. It’s another piece I’ve always had in my closet but never found a setting for. I guess that comes with the obsession of clothes – especially vintage pieces. Once you see it, you probably won’t see it a second time. “Just buy it!” I usually tell myself. In this instance it was meant to be… I love black and white but the pattern is just.. AH. I wanted to play up the pattern and decided to use the accessories to do so. Accessories don’t have to be outrageous – sometimes just keeping it simple with the colors will add an overall effect that polishes your look.


After this shoot we headed to this awesome Jazz Bar called “The Green Mill”  with one of our friends named Bri that just moved to Chicago for Grad School.

One last shot on the way to the subway!

Item List:

Dress: Estate Sale: Shop Similar 

Hat: Target: Shop Similar 

Sunglasses: Gifted: Shop Similar

Photography by: Derek Carttar

Chiffon in Chicago








One of my style inspirations has always been Ann Reinking’s wardrobe in Annie(1982). It had such a romantic feel that is so classic. I wanted to take an older style and update it. That’s the thing about inspirations – you can take what’s the most you and run with it. Now let me state by saying I would wear everything she wore in that movie in a heart beat. This yellow dress always seemed kinda dreamy to me. So my inspiration came from Chiffon – It’s a sheer fabric with movement.

I decided to pair my chiffon top and scarf with a darker suede skirt and heels to offset the softness. I always love to hear about what inspires people – even if they are the tiniest detail of something. What’s your inspiration?

Item List:

Sheer Top: Goodwill : $3.50

Vintage scarf: Estate Sale : $.50

Skirt: Goodwill : $4

Photography by: Derek Carttar



Blush Pink













I wish I could have posted the full set earlier because I absolutely loved doing this shoot with Myranda. We did three separate outfit shoots. We found a great spot in Little Rock for this set. It really speaks for itself. I will be posting the other ones as soon as possible because It’s exciting to see the finished product and I really wanna share. We are currently talking about a fun shoot for July – It will be a retro bridal shoot and I can’t wait!

This blush pink dress was a thrift find in Hot Springs. Adding the silk colorful scarf highlighted the neckline. It’s a classic look that can be more fun for a date night than just a typical LBD.

Dress: Thrift Store:$5 : Similar Piece for $39   or  Similar Piece for $199 

Lavender Scarf: Goodwill:$1 : Similar Piece for $49  or Similar Piece for $128

Photography By: Myranda Randle


Retro Gold

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It’s hard not to look at this outfit and see the belt right away. I wanted that to be a focal point and keep everything else really casual. I found it while on one of my thrifting outings in Little Rock.

I’m not sure if any of you have ever been to Roy Dudley’s Estate Sales over off Rebsamen Park but it’s one of the many I frequent. I know it’s hard to find thrifting places sometimes but if you live in the area I can always list out place if you’re interested.

Anyways.. Back to my outfit! Besides the awesome belt I found I thrifted this leather black skirt from Goodwill – I will always love leather pieces cause they’re classic and can be a great staple piece in anyone wardrobe (or faux leather pieces)

I wanted this outfit to be all about texture and bring attention to my statement belt. Instead of pattern I added a jean top to bring out the warmness of the gold and leather in the belt. Sometimes less pattern isn’t a bad thing if you think of your outfit in textures and shades.

I was inspired by a Versace ad I saw awhile ago that had a belt similar. Now obviously I wasn’t going to wear exactly what I saw in the ad but It’s always nice to have inspiration. I like to always think of the overall feel if I get inspired by an outfit instead of directly copying it – that way you make it your very own.

I hope you have a great week – If there’s any great inspirational pictures out there I’d love to see some maybe for future outfit ideas.




List of items:

Retro Gold Belt – Roy Dudley’s Estate Sale – $7

Vintage Black Leather Skirt – Good Will – $3.50

Gap top – Yard Sale – $1

Photography by: Derek Carttar (He did such an amazing job! Thank you!!)



Electric Blue


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The great thing about fashion right now is that a lot of vintage items are coming back. There’s so many pieces that you can find thrifting that would look like something you could buy full price now. I saw this top while out at some yard sales – It’s a Top Shop shirt from the 90’s and It is a staple piece for me now. I wanted to show off the sheerness and since the pattern is fun I paired it with a lace black bralette I got from Aerie.

I love seeing how people pair thrifted items and I’m going to start sharing some of my finds when I get them. So on a second day of the week look out for some of my posts on my favorite finds of the month!

I hope everyone has a great week – Let’s start this Monday off on a good note! 🙂

Top Shop Shirt: Yard Sale: $1

Ralph Lauren Bag: T.J Maxx : $40

Calvin Klein Wedges: DSW: $15

Photography by: Derek Carttar

Keeping it Fierce












My favorite boots this season are my Altuzarra boots! I feel absolutely fierce every time I wear them. The only issue is that they are such a big statement that I have to tone my other pieces down.

Keeping the overall look very casual and clean, I wore my cashmere sweater. With these boots, tight jeans are a must. I got these on sale at American Eagle. I wore a longer coat so I would at least be covered up a little more, and I’ve been obsessed with it! It’s my favorite Goodwill find as of late!


Make this Monday a happy one. 😉


Gray Sweater: Goodwill: $3.50

Light wash Jeans: American Eagle: $30 ( They were half off.. the quality isn’t honestly worth $30 though)

Black and white coat: Goodwill: $5