Leather & Lace


Black & White wicker purse: South Main Creative in LR

Lace Bodice: $35: Victoria Secret

Leather belt: $1: Estate Sale in LR

Tropica Top: $3.50: Goodwill in LR

Vintage 60’s Ray Bans:$30: Estate Sale in LR


Photography by: Derek Carttar

Tropical Romper




Vintage Romper: $20.00 : Central Avenue Market Place in Hot Springs

Wicker embroidered Bag: $5.00: Estate Sale in LR

White Sunglasses: $23.97: Anthropologie(on sale)


Photography By: Derek Carttar 


Hello November!









Hello hello!
It has sadly been a while since I’ve posted. I could come up with an excuse as to why I haven’t, but I won’t.

So for the past week and a half here’s all that has happened:
1. I moved into a new house!
2. I’ve struggled with the idea of letting days pass by without posting, not realizing that working, moving, and all the things in between have been distracting me from my passion. I think that’s an issue with most people, though. Life goes on!
3. I started a yard sale box! This is pretty awesome to me, because I’m an avid visitor of yard sales, so why not have one of my own? I know you’re usually supposed to have one BEFORE you move to your new place, but it didn’t work out that way.
4. I’ve been on a cooking frenzy! I’m usually not that into it – I go for my usual breakfast bar and a water before I run to work. Lately, though, I’ve actually started really cooking! if you know of any awesome recipes, I’m dying to try a few! I’m a beginner, so nothing too complicated, please.

The Arkansas weather has wavered between hot and breezy and super cold. I wanted to wear a long sweater with my overalls but it got a little hot, so I stayed with a cashmere top that was just right, temperature-wise. This is one thing I can find at almost any thrift store.
Patterned flats are a great piece. Leopard print isn’t usually my thing, but I loved these Levity flats when I saw them at DSW. I’ve been wearing them all the time with simple black pants, dress, or a blazer. Simple. Cute. Stylized!

Anyway, I hope everyone has enjoyed the beginning of November! I’m going to be posting more frequently like I used to. ❤

Black & Gold











It started getting a little chillier here, and the greatest part about that is all of the layers I can finallly wear without being overheated. I wanted to take a fall color and highlight it with black and gold. A short black skirt and tights with sleek black boots is a super easy outfit to pair.

Photography by: Derek Carttar

Black Velvet










I’m all about dressing up and feeling great about how I look. I’m all about a slinky, sexy look that makes you feel confident.

The intricate detail of the blue silk and black velvet matches well with an otherwise simple outfit.

I was inspired by the dark brown makeup palette of the 1930’s, though I kept it fairly light to match my skin tone.

What’s your favorite date night look? 🙂

Velvet dress: Compassion Center Thrift Store in Little Rock: $5

Audrey Brooke heels: DSW: $15

Pairing Patterns













It’s always exciting to experience a new city! I went to Kansas City, MO for a few days, and it was like a breath of fresh air. I was pleasantly surprised by a city that I found to be more active and cosmopolitan than I had expected. There was more than enough to fill our time here, which included visits to a huge outdoor market that sold a lot of vintage items, a macaroon shop called Bloom’s Baking Company, and Union Station. I chose to take advantage of the crisp early morning weather downtown before the streets were too busy for photos.

This polka dot sweater is a J. Crew piece that I was able to get for a tenth of the retail price. It was in great condition even though I found it at Goodwill, and even had the original tags attached. I wanted to mix patterns for this outfit but to keep the focus on the vintage Nordstrom clutch. When pairing multiple patterns, you want to make sure there is a significant difference in the size. You also want the larger pattern above the smaller one. Notice that the larger pattern on top and the smaller on bottom is more slimming.

J Crew sweater- Goodwill- $3.50

Vintage skirt- Yard sale- $4

Nordstrom purse- Suzy Q’s Flea Market in Jacksonville, AR- $5

Loft flats- Goodwill- $5

City chic












I found this dress at a Goodwill while I was shopping with a friend. The great thing about this kind of piece is its versatility. A simple, solid black wrap dress can be paired with a leather belt to add texture. To keep the focal point on the jewelry you can add a interesting necklace.  It’s an outfit that doesn’t need a statement piece – it’s clean, comfy, and makes you look sleek and put-together without much effort.

I wore my hair up for a more severe look, but offset it with dark lips and no eye makeup. I hope you enjoyed this set of pictures because they were so much fun to do!

Don’t let this Monday stop you from doing great things! 😛

Have a great rest of the week!

Banana Republic dress: Goodwill: $4

Levity heels: Yard sale: $2(They were practically brand new!)

Clutch: Target: $24

Photography by: Derek Carttar

End of Summer












Summer is officially coming to an end, and it’s going to be an amazing fall! I wanted to do one last summery post because it’s still so hot here, it feels like summer is just beginning. I loved this dress, so I wanted to feature it while I still could. I have some exciting fall posts in store for this coming month. I’d love to hear some feedback on what you’d like to see! If you’re interested in pictures from my interior design work, I could show some of that as well. The houses I get to visit are amazing.

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day.


Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers

I’m always into anything local, so whenever there’s a farmers market I enjoy checking out all the fresh produce and flowers. Last Saturday, I went to check out the market and buy flowers. Since I got up earlier I put on a more casual, comfy outfit to stroll around in.
I have on my BCBG shorts, which you can tell are my favorite. I paired them with a gray tank. One thing about this outfit is that you can tell the piece I wanted to stand out the most, which was the studded green vest. I love how vests make layering in the summer easier and cooler. They’re perfect pieces when you want to add flair to add to any simple, casual outfit.

Green studded vest; Target Clearance; $14
Gray tank; Thrifted by a friend
Black leather purse; Estate sale;$3
Audrey brooke heels; DSW clearance;$25



Sorry I’ve been vacant for a bit, I found a job working at a Dry cleaners. I will still be posting as much as I can!!

I stumbled upon a really cool thrift shop in Little rock, and found this really cute 60’s romper. I felt like this is one of those pieces that could make a statement by itself. So I stuck with black, and nude to compliment the romper, but not take away from it. Keeping it simple can make things look clean, and put together.
I hope everyone is having a good week so far! 🙂

Gallaxy furniture in Little Rock; Vintage Romper; $14
Black Leather purse; Estate Sale; $3
BCBG Sandals; Dillard’s Clearance; $30
Black leather watch; Mary’s jewelry collection(See previous blog post)