Tropical Romper




Vintage Romper: $20.00 : Central Avenue Market Place in Hot Springs

Wicker embroidered Bag: $5.00: Estate Sale in LR

White Sunglasses: $23.97: Anthropologie(on sale)


Photography By: Derek Carttar 


Psychedelic floral

Psychedelic floral

Today I got lunch with a friend, and I decided to wear something comfy, and colorful. It was really nice outside today, so I took advantage of it by wearing my Prabal Gurung dress, and pairing it with black to pop out the bold pattern, and colors. I’ve been seeing a lot of psychedelic floral patterns around lately, but most of the clothing I find are expensive, so when I found the Prabal Gurung line at Target I waited til it went 70% off. Not buying something immediately, and waiting for it to get on sale is harder than most people think, just because you want to make sure your favorite item is still there by the time it’s way cheaper, but it shows yourself how much you really can control your spending.
Let me know what your tips are for spending less money! 🙂

Prabal Gurung dress; Target clearance; $10
Vintage purse; Estate sale; $3
Pink Leather bracelet; Kohls clearance;$4
Black strapped sandals; savers; $7
Black Belt; Kohls clearence; $3
Heart pinky ring; Estate sale; $2