Maroon Afternoon :)

One of my hobbies is going to see the new exhibits at the Arkansas Arts Center here in Little Rock. The pieces today included Bauhaus architecture photography, drawings by Van Dyke and Rembrandt, and another artist who reminded me of Georges-Pierre Seurat, who is one of my favorite artists. The balance of colors and careful […]


Sorry I’ve been vacant for a bit, I found a job working at a Dry cleaners. I will still be posting as much as I can!! I stumbled upon a really cool thrift shop in Little rock, and found this really cute 60’s romper. I felt like this is one of those pieces that could […]

San Francisco

This past week I got to experience San Francisco, which is a breathtaking city, that captured my heart. It has an array of skyscrapers, but the essence of the ocean, and little shops that even out the bustling metropolis . I wore my black crop top that I got at a thrift store in Glendale […]