Leather & Lace


Black & White wicker purse: South Main Creative in LR

Lace Bodice: $35: Victoria Secret

Leather belt: $1: Estate Sale in LR

Tropica Top: $3.50: Goodwill in LR

Vintage 60’s Ray Bans:$30: Estate Sale in LR


Photography by: Derek Carttar

Tropical Romper




Vintage Romper: $20.00 : Central Avenue Market Place in Hot Springs

Wicker embroidered Bag: $5.00: Estate Sale in LR

White Sunglasses: $23.97: Anthropologie(on sale)


Photography By: Derek Carttar 


Amethyst and Floral












Let me apologize for the post being a day late! The past few days have been busy.

I went back to East Ninth Vintage (where I got the Neiman Marcus coat that I wore here), and I had a wonderful experience. I went right in looking for a wide brimmed hat, one that was a little more contemporary. I had been looking around for more local boutiques and shops, because I’ve always felt that you find the most unique pieces in places like these. I talked to Dayna Duncan, the proprietor, about what I was looking for. She went out to her car and brought back the perfect hat.

I wanted to bring in a spring pattern, now that the weather has been a little more mild. I really loved how the texture, and color in the hat brought together all the different shades,  I made my outfit complete with the yellow stone ring, which I wanted to stand out against the cool colors.

Shopping Local:

Blue brimmed hat: East Ninth Vintage:$15    

Long Sterling silver necklace: The Box Turtle in Hillcrest: $31

My other pieces:

Floral top: Forever 21: $9

Blue textured pants: Banana Republic sale: $8 (The big sale after Christmas! I ended up with a lot of great slacks for cheap!)

Calvin Klein sandals: Goodwill: $4

Amethyst sterling silver ring: T.J. Maxx: $30


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Photography By: Derek Carttar