Leather & Lace


Black & White wicker purse: South Main Creative in LR

Lace Bodice: $35: Victoria Secret

Leather belt: $1: Estate Sale in LR

Tropica Top: $3.50: Goodwill in LR

Vintage 60’s Ray Bans:$30: Estate Sale in LR


Photography by: Derek Carttar

Tropical Romper




Vintage Romper: $20.00 : Central Avenue Market Place in Hot Springs

Wicker embroidered Bag: $5.00: Estate Sale in LR

White Sunglasses: $23.97: Anthropologie(on sale)


Photography By: Derek Carttar 


Sporty Chic

calvin klein4



calvin klein 28


calvin klein 27


calvin klein 25

calvin klein 24

calvin klein 23

calvin klein 22



calvin klein 20

calvin klein9

calvin klein 19

Calvin klein 18

Calvin Klein 17

calvin klein 14

calvin klein 13

calvin klein 12

calvin klein 11

 I wanted to put my own twist on the more current “athleisure” wear, creating a more uniformed outfit to keep in touch with typical sports attire,  while still playing up on the more feminine qualities. Since the skirt is so heavy and pleated, I paired it with a more tight breezy crop top.

Skirt: Kathy’s : $1

Top: Calvin Klein:

Jacket: Forever 21:

Earrings: Bauble Bar

Photography: Derek Carttar 

Sheer Blouse

Boot image 10

New Boot image 2

Boot image 14

New Boot Image 5

Boot image 8

Boot image 12

New Boot image 4

Boot image 7

Boot image 15

Boot image 13

Boot image 11

I’ve been transitioning all of my winter clothes into more spring-appropriate choices. The  hardest part of a seasonal transition is always the weather. Layering over a sheer blouse creates a polished look that is still breezy.  I wanted the top to be the only color of the outfit to really draw attention to the amazing pattern. It adds a larger pattern in contrast with the black and white animal print skirt.

Photography by: Derek Carttar

Vintage Blouse:$1 (Kathy’s Sale) 

Skirt: Goodwill : $5

Jacket: Part of a Tahari suit my mom got me 

Flower brooch: South Main Creative : $2

Purse: T.J. Maxx : $20

Denim in Dallas














I’ve been so excited to share some of my newest finds. It was in October that I met Kathy who acquired a house full of vintage clothes. I was lucky enough to look through a grand collection of garments and I found some of my favorite new pieces. The best part about thrifting and finding pre loved pieces is that there’s always a story to it. When I started going through Kathy’s collection I found pieces from the 60’s,70’s, 80’s, and 90’s that were the best part of each decade. I love knowing that I can walk around in something that was once part of someone else’s life. 


Skirt: Vintage(Kathy’s): $1

Top: Forever21: $15

Denim Jacket: Vintage(Kathy’s):$1

Vintage Bag Brooch: South Main Creative: $5